Wolf Healthcare

Recruitment Agency Franchise

Connecting people who care,
to roles that matter.

1. Introduction

Our Growing National Healthcare Customer Network Needs You

Become a part of our rapidly growing business

We need skilled recruiters and sales professionals in all parts of the UK to fill the hundreds of job opportunities that are created every day. You will recruit quality staff, give them the training they require and match them to the vacancies on your screen.

We're covering your Year 1 Costs

So you can enjoy the benefits of a highly successful first year...

Everything you need is provided at our cost in Year One – CRM, DBS Portal, Training Portal, Job Boards, Insurance, Accountancy, Payroll, Stationery, Website, Social Media and we even provide a laptop and printer.

We want you to concentrate on business development and recruitment so we are happy to cover this and set up everything for you. We also arrange a Factoring Agreement which gives you positive cash flow from the outset.

2. The Industry

Why Healthcare Recruitment?

Over 80% of Care Homes rely on Recruitment Companies

Demand for high quality motivated staff has never been higher and it will continue to grow. You will be at the forefront of a vibrant fast moving market and you will be servicing some of the best known names in the Care Industry. You can provide both permanent and temporary staff to the UK’s huge Care Industry.

The Care Industry is set to Grow
by up to 40% by 2035

Our Care Network Demands
100s of Positions to be filled Daily

That's £1,000's worth of income...

Our Growing National
Accounts Network

Become part of an established, growing network that provides income day 1.

We are accredited to work with Care Home Groups throughout the UK. Having passed GRI’s rigorous assessment process. This can very quickly open up your territory to give you hundreds of vacancies that are waiting to be filled.

Our reputation in the industry as an honest and ethical supplier gives us a strong foothold in some of the largest Care Groups in the UK. When you then add the respect that comes from our fully trained and compliant staff you can see that the business can only grow from strength

3. Recruiting

Our Customers Love Us!
And so do our staff...

We retain more of our customers
because we retain more of our staff

We are in the recruitment business and because the staff we recruit are paid by us and managed by us then are very much the customer facing part of our business. We treat our staff with respect. We pay them very well and certainly above the norm.

We retain our staff much longer than other agencies and many actually join us from other agencies. This is very much the key to our success and you must adhere to this philosophy in your territory. Free training and accreditations are provided via our training portal and all compliance is managed for them including DBS checks and updates

Our Team has developed automated systems
and procedures to ensure that your business
runs efficiently and effectively.

Expert Industry Software
Expertly Organised

This is a fast moving industry. You will have lots of vacancies on every day of the year and you need to fill the vacancies with staff that have been referenced, DBS checked, trained and qualified and totally compliant. With specialist CRM, Job Boards and In House Payroll we make this possible in the most time efficient way.

This is very important to the growth of your business because as it grows you will be adding additional sales, recruitment and office staff to your business and they need tried and tested systems and methodologies.

4. Exclusive Benefits

Elephant Pay Handles all your Payroll Needs.

So You don’t have to.

We protect your cash flow by employing and paying your staff under our payroll company. This service is completely free of charge and you can be absolutely assured that this is a high quality professional service that will be welcomed by your staff.

Our sister company handles the specialist area of Payroll ensuring that your staff are paid on time and correctly every time We cover everything, including…

This gives you far more time to concentrate on developing your business and recruiting staff. And of course we guarantee payroll compliance.

Positive Cash Flow To Help With The Rapid Growth Of Your Business

Positive Cash Flow With Gross Profit Paid Weekly

Reducing Your Working Capital Requirements

You will be cash positive from the start with no requirement for working capital. We pay your gross profit weekly. Being cash positive in a rapidly expanding business is vital and we make sure this is guaranteed. Funds will always be available for expansion and business development. 

Good cash flow is important in any business and we completely recognise this. Internally our dedicated team will manage your invoice factoring, credit control and keep your XERO account up to date. This will allow you to focus completely on money making activity.

Working capital optimisation and receiving credit protection for your business is key. You also have a credit check facility that will help your decision making in your customer acquisition process. The ability to increase your debt facility is vital because this is a rapid growth business and you do not want to be restrained by cash tied up in debtors.

High Quality Training

Delivered by Experts in their Field.

Your initial training at Head Office and on going support will give you everything you need to succeed in this business. We have experts in all areas of this business: Recruitment, Training, Compliance, Sales and Marketing and General Administration.

In addition you will have a comprehensive Operational Guide that will document all aspects and procedures within your business. We know how profitable and scalable this business is and the more you understand and the better you follow the blueprint and our training the quicker you will succeed. Please be under no illusion this is a £million plus business and we would love you to get there as soon as possible.

Learn from a team of experts
Who will guide you through our process

Our Partners Have 34+ Years of Experience
Developing Successful Franchise Networks

Award Winning Franchising Partnership

Lime Licensing Group

We are happy to be partnered with one of the UK’s leading Franchising Consultancy. Lime Licensing group are a multiple award winning Franchising Consultancy who bring a professionalism, organisation and 24 years experience to the Wolf Healthcare Franchise.

How much does it cost?...



As of February 2020

Your 2020 Wolf Healthcare Agency Franchise Package

Our comprehensive franchise set-up package not only contains some unrivalled year one discounts but also a number of Head Office services, which allow you to focus on what you do best, recruiting!..

Item Description
Matchmaker Recruitment CRM and DBS Portal & Credits.
Job Board Access
Healthcare Job Board Portal Access.
Branded Mobile Phone, Printer, Laptop.
Positive Cash Flow Factoring.
Web Development
Website & Email Setup & Social Media.
In-house Training and Care Skills Portal.
Insurance Liability Insurance and other Insurances.
First Year Accountancy.

6. Next Steps

Your Next Steps
with Wolf Healthcare Franchise...

Our prospectus includes further detailed information as well as a projected earnings report for your first 5 years business.

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