The Massive Impact of COVID-19 On The Healthcare Industry

And the Opportunity it Presents for Franchisees...

We know that this pandemic is having a negative impact across the world and many people have died and will die.

At Wolf Healthcare we deal with the most vulnerable members of society including seriously ill children and those with special needs. And a large portion of what we do is with the elderly who often have additional dangerous complications that make them even more vulnerable.

Demand for our services has doubled since the outbreak of the pandemic and we are actively recruiting and training carers to fill additional job roles that are hitting us on a daily basis. Our staff have been exceptionally hard working throughout and the courage they have shown is very humbling.

We have ensured that all staff have all the necessary PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) that allows them to continue safely about their daily routines. We are instilling in them the drills needed for good hygiene and constantly communicating with them to check on their wellbeing. And whilst this may seem counterintuitive in a labour intensive process we are encouraging all front line staff to self-isolate at the first sign of even the mildest symptoms. This is to protect both our staff and clients alike and this policy will remain firmly in place throughout the duration of the crisis.

And as a positive to counter this our recruitment and training methodology allows us to more than amply recruit high-quality staff in decent numbers.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect agency/job roll, I look forward to work everyday!

Richard David, Healthcare Assistant.

As a footnote to this piece, I would personally like to thank everybody on the front line for their tireless bravery in the face of such an overwhelming adversary.

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