Corona Virus Pandemic

“Care Homes across the uk are in dire need of healthcare  staff, we’ve been inundated with job requests” – Oliver Jones, CEO. We need you! There’s never been a better time to start a wolf healthcare franchise, learn about how covid-19 can benefit your business…

Our Essential, Lock-down Friendly Business Opportunity

Support Britain's Essential Carers Locally

As essential care worker demand grows throughout the UK, The Healthcare Recruitment sector must grow to meet this demand.

Our new franchisees are now starting to address demand in their local areas as we we successfully launch them in territories from North Yorkshire to bedfordshire

With Wolf Healthcare’s preferred supplier status with many large care groups throughout the UK, demand for front-line carers has never been higher in all areas of the UK.

We are very pleased that we are quickly able to role out franchise territories and effectively train and launch our franchise partners to meet the demand. Helping them join the fight in this, the most difficult of times.

At a time where the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has recognised Carers in the same light as NHS staff, we are proud that we are able to recruit and train and certify them in a growing number of locations across the UK.

We’ve made it possible for people interested in our opportunity to start their own Healthcare Franchise by providing them with a number of important benefits…

We’ll cover your business costs year one – this means you enjoy all the benefits of your first year success.

You’ll gain access to our huge and ever growing network of care providers across the UK. This means you’ll be provided with customers from the start.

We have an exceptional relationship with our staff – we aim to be the carers agency of choice across the UK – we treat our staff with respect and in turn retain our staff as well as retaining our clients.

Elephant Pay, our sister company employs all your staff and handles all your payroll needs, ensuring your staff are always paid on time no matter what. On top of this, head office will manage your invoice factoring, meaning you always have a positive cash flow.

Finally our high quality training and accelerated business launch plan will have you confidently up and running in no time, ready to help support the demand for key workers across the UK.

If your interested in learning more about our opportunity feel free to call Mike, our Franchise Director, who will answer any questions you might have… 07806 896407 mike@limelicensinggroup.co.uk

To learn more about our incentives visit our landing page here for more detailed information on our franchise opportunity.

And when your ready you can download your Wolf Healthcare Prospectus here…

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  1. could you just email me some in fo and tell me if you cover kent and what the in ititial set upcost is please

    1. Hi Linda, we’ve sent you our prospectus and further information via email. Thanks for your interest.

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