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Your initial training at Head Office and on going support will give you everything you need to succeed in this business. We have experts in all areas of this business: Recruitment, Training, Compliance, finance, Sales, Marketing and General Administration.

We believe the key to your success is building a strong foundation of knowledge for your franchise to springboard from. For those that we believe are right for this opportunity in the Wolf Healthcare network we heavily invest in your learning and development journey.

In addition you will receive a comprehensive Operational Guide that will document all aspects and procedures within your business. We know how profitable and scalable this business is and the more you understand and the better you follow the blueprint and our training the quicker you will succeed. Please be under no illusion this is a £million plus business and we would love you to get there as soon as possible.

Delivered at our Head Office function in Gloucester by Performance & Training Associate Director, Steve Evans.

  • Week 1: 4 days — Candidate Principles 
  • Week 3: 3 days — Client Principles
  • Week 5: 4 days — Sales Principles

This comprehensive training program will up-skill and equip you in all of the fundamental skills required to start a successful health and social care recruitment agency. Full attendance and participation is mandatory.

The purchase of a territory will secure one place on our training program.

Should you wish to recruit any additional employees into your team we will train your staff following our consultant pathways program to help alleviate pressure on yourself and so you can rest assured that your staff are trained to the highest caliber*.   

*additional costs will apply

Internal CRM System

You will be using a ‘Gold Standard’ of CRM system that is deployed by all serious players in the recruitment game. The extensive system will allow you to recruit, market and make successful placements in both the temporary and permanent fields. Through a comprehensive process you will learn about candidate recruitment, job postings and managing the client experience.

Job Boards

As part of your training you will be taken through the importance of the extensive job boards on the market. In great detail you will be shown how to multi-post vacancies, find candidates and run boolean searches to maximise the candidates you recruit. The intricate links between the website, CRM system and job boards will be demonstrated in all their glory.

Job Portals

Wolf Healthcare  holds many prestigious PSL (Preferred Supplier List) agreements with a range of customers. All bulk and volume work will come through these portals. As part of your training you will acquire the skills to fill these vacancies accurately and at speed. We will make sure that you comprehensively understand this process. 

Business Development

Each area is different and therefore there will be extensive opportunities to generate additional business and revenue streams. As part of your training you will receive all business development techniques and strategies.


This will form the most important part of your training and you will explore this in some depth. We will look in great detail at candidate compliance in healthcare. The on boarding process and candidate registration will be integral in making your business a success. As a franchisee you will receive ongoing support and guidance on the whole recruitment and selection process.

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